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7 Benefits of Choosing Live22

7 Benefits of Choosing Live22

April 28, 2023

As in years past, the iGaming industry has witnessed a massive evolving and improving shift as businesses continuously compete for a larger part of the market share and technology advances. Companies must proactively remain competitive as the iGaming sector expands. With the understanding of this viewpoint, iGaming operators should aim to set themselves apart from their rivals’ brands and products.

What tactics should you use as an iGaming operator to differentiate yourself from the growing competition? No doubt, the answer lies with Live22. So, let’s break down the seven main reasons and examine why Live22 is the solution provider of your choice.

1. Wide range of game options

Live22 can provide high-quality games with impactful graphic visuals. We offer modern slots and slot games with a variety of themes, including metaverse-themed slots, arcade games and more. Our uncompromised online casino gaming solution is what iGaming operators, agents, and resellers pick up on. Being the same as everyone else doesn’t draw much attention. Thus, we always strive to give you a premium iGaming experience.

2. We do it better and excel at it

Live22 has an advanced Artificial Intelligent (AI) tool that further captures your player’s behaviour. This will ensure you have the necessary data to assist in your decision-making should you plan to tweak any future business plan. We also offer highly secure, cutting-edge encryption technology to safeguard all players’ transactions and their data.

3. Flexibility to customise features

Customer-focused retention tools, seasonal events or campaigns, and the ability to purchase free games are some of the many features available from Live22. We create unique integrations and applications that make use of a slot’s features. Based on customer requests, we can additionally expand the capabilities of our slot solutions to fulfil the requirements of certain projects.

4. User-friendly website

Live22 prioritizes the functions of a website. The more user-friendly your website is, the greater self-assurance each player on your site will feel. If players believe that you designed your website with them in mind, they will undoubtedly remember it and visit you again.

5. After-sales service

The after-sales service team at Live22 is available to help you with any problems or inquiries. Experience individualized assistance from our committed account managers who will try to comprehend your specific demands and offer recommendations that are tailored to your company’s objectives.

6. Seamless API integration

Live22 is aware that every company has a distinct technical architecture. For example, for wallet integration, we offer a variety of APIs. Our API is made to be extremely versatile to match your operation needs. Without affecting your system, they can be smoothly incorporated into your present software.

7. Multiple platform support

Each player may have a preferred method of accessing your platform, and some players may use PCs while others may use mobile devices. One advantage of Live22’s cross-platform assistance is that we can help you reach a broader audience. Our ability to design seamless servers enables you to target users across a variety of platforms.

Why Live22 Should Be Part of Your iGaming Strategy

Having an exclusive product or service on the market implies you can stand out and compete in the ever-growing iGaming space. Rest assured, with Live22 professionals onboard, there’s no denying that you can level up and appeal to a broader audience. Our dedicated project managers, programmers, game designers, and customer service teams will work closely with you for a show-stopper gaming solution.