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Double Your Winning with Live22’s PvP Bonus Battle

Double Your Winning with Live22’s PvP Bonus Battle

November 3, 2023

Exciting update for Live22 partners and operators — We are excited to announce that Live22’s highly anticipated PVP (Player vs. Player) Bonus Battle for Apes Squad and Crypto Coins has now been officially launched! Operators may now provide their users with better iGaming experiences and generate income through this exciting update starting November 1st.

The PVP Bonus Battle by Live22 provides exceptional potential to attract audiences and promote monetization, while at the same time being specially designed to add interactive aspects and boost player engagement. Join us in this exciting endeavour as we open new doors for players’ connections and revenue streams.

PVP Bonus Battle Enhances Player Experience

Live22 is aware of how crucial player interaction and immersive gameplay are. The addition of PVP Bonus Battle to Apes Squad and Crypto Coins demonstrates our dedication to providing operators with resources that promote engaging experiences. Operators can provide users with opportunities to show off their abilities, compete against people from all over the world, and foster a feeling of community within the game. This interactive component fosters longer play periods while also improving player satisfaction.

In the PVP Bonus Battle, Live22 offers players the chance to double their winnings, which is an alluring incentive. Players can considerably increase their profits by competing against other players and succeeding, which heightens the excitement of the game. The reward encourages players to be more interested in games whilst raising the level of competition and overall player involvement.

Live22 Legacy Systems Upgraded

During the soft launch period, Live22 has also upgraded its features to support legacy API systems and all currencies. This upgrade ensures that players can fully immerse themselves in the feature’s battle mode, regardless of the API version or the currency they choose to use. Live22’s dedication to accommodating legacy systems and offering support for various currencies highlights its commitment to delivering seamless and inclusive gaming experiences for all players during the official launch.

The official release of the PVP Bonus Battle for Apes Squad and Crypto Coins by Live22 offers operators the special chance to increase player engagement and boost revenue. Operators can build vibrant iGaming communities by including incentives for double winnings. Rest assured with Live22’s PVP Bonus Battle, as it guarantees a level playing field, eliminating any concerns about rigging. Get ready to compete with confidence, thanks to Live22’s fair and exciting gameplay.