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Exciting Beta Version Launch for Apes Squad & Crypto Coins

Exciting Beta Version Launch for Apes Squad & Crypto Coins

September 14, 2023

Live22 is set to revolutionize the iGaming experience with its highly anticipated PVP (Player vs. Player) Bonus Battle for Apes Squad and Crypto Coins games. This groundbreaking update promises to provide an immersive and exhilarating gaming environment like never before.

Live22’s new features aim to take iGaming experiences to new heights as players can now compete against each other in real-time. In the PVP Battle mode, the victorious player not only claims their winnings but also collects their opponent’s rewards, thus allowing for thrilling and competitive gameplay against friends or strangers from around the globe. Additionally, Live22’s PVP Bonus Battle guarantees a level playing field, ensuring players’ trust and eliminating any concerns about rigging.

During the Beta testing period, which runs from September 6th until the 21st, the Apes Squad and Crypto Coins games have new upgrades and enhancements, thanks to the utilization of advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces. The Beta version promises PVP experiences that are more aesthetically pleasing, offering players unprecedented enjoyment.

The option to play without needing credit has been one of Live22’s new PVP Bonus Battle’s most interesting elements throughout the Beta testing period. This enables players to explore and fully experience the thrill of PVP gameplay without making any financial commitments. The credit-free play option provides a risk-free opportunity for players to compete against others without financial burdens.

Live22’s launch of the PVP Bonus Battle for Apes Squad and Crypto Coins marks an exciting new chapter in the online gaming community. With the ability to play without using credit, players can now immerse themselves in battles and experience the adrenaline rush of competitive gameplay before 21st September 2023.

Don’t miss out on the action – gear up and get ready for the ultimate PVP Bonus Battle with Live22’s Apes Squad and Crypto Coins!