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How to Select the Best iGaming Supplier for Online Casinos (2024 Guide)

How to Select the Best iGaming Supplier for Online Casinos (2024 Guide)

April 22, 2024

The iGaming industry is a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector, driven by technological advancements, regulatory shifts, and changing player preferences. As the operator of an online casino platform, selecting the right iGaming supplier is pivotal to your success. This choice affects not just compliance and platform reliability but also user engagement and overall market positioning.

This article offers a comprehensive framework for navigating this crucial decision, addressing aspects such as game variety, regulatory adherence, technological integration, and beyond.

How to Select the Best iGaming Supplier for Your Online Casino

The online gambling market was worth $97 billion in 2022, with that amount projected to increase to $217 billion the following year. It is no secret that the industry is rapidly growing as new entrants & customers join the fray. As such, it is all the more important to know how to select the best iGaming games supplier and make your online casino stand out from the crowd.

1. Game Quality and Diversity

A successful online casino thrives on a rich and diverse game portfolio. High-quality slot games from renowned providers, such as Live22, ensure engaging player experiences. Incorporating a mix of themes, features, and bonus rounds in slots appeals to a broad audience, including both high-value players and those interested in casual games. Understanding the gaming preferences of your target market enhances player retention.

2. Regulatory Compliance and Licensing

Navigating the complex landscape of online gambling regulations is crucial. Compliance with international standards and acquiring licenses from reputable jurisdictions enhance credibility and player trust. A supplier well-versed in the regulatory requirements of your target markets, including the European and American markets, is invaluable. This ongoing commitment to compliance is vital for operational longevity and avoiding legal pitfalls.

3. Technical Compatibility and Integration

Choosing a supplier with compatible technology is essential for seamless platform operation. Suppliers offering scalable and integrable solutions facilitate future growth and ensure your platform remains cutting-edge. Compatibility with both desktop and mobile devices is necessary for a consistent user experience across all access points, emphasizing the importance of a supplier capable of integrating with a broad range of services and features.

4. Security and Fairness

Security measures and fairness protocols are non-negotiable in maintaining trust and compliance. Suppliers should offer robust security solutions, including advanced encryption and secure payment methods, to protect against cyber threats. Games must undergo rigorous fairness testing, with RNGs certified by reputable agencies, ensuring fair play and impartial outcomes.

5. Support and Partnership

A supplier’s ability to provide ongoing support and engage in a fruitful partnership is pivotal. Look for providers that not only offer technical and regulatory support but also assist in crafting a unique value proposition through marketing campaigns and affiliate partnership processes. A successful casino affiliate management strategy, leveraging networks like CJ Affiliate, can significantly enhance platform visibility and player acquisition.

6. Pricing and Value Proposition

Assessing the cost-effectiveness and overall value of a supplier’s offering is essential. Transparent pricing, coupled with a comprehensive evaluation of the supplier’s game range, support services, and technological capabilities, ensures a balanced assessment. Flexible commission structures in affiliate programs and competitive rates in commission management underscore the importance of favorable financial arrangements for long-term profitability.

7. Affiliate Management and Marketing

Effective affiliate management and marketing are cornerstones of a thriving online casino. Engaging with affiliate networks and leveraging affiliate marketing campaigns can drive significant traffic and player engagement. A well-structured casino affiliate program, featuring competitive commission rates and tailored affiliate offers, optimises marketing efforts and enhances platform visibility.


Choosing the right iGaming supplier is a multifaceted decision, crucial to the success of your online casino platform. By meticulously considering game quality, compliance, technological integration, security, and support, alongside effective affiliate management and a clear understanding of the iGaming vs. gaming landscape, operators can ensure a decision that aligns with both business objectives and player expectations.

For operators looking to deepen their understanding of the online casino and gambling industry, exploring platforms and resources like Live22 can provide valuable insights and guidance.