Live22 game provider platform is designed to support a variety of widely accepted integration approaches with operators in the online gaming industry. One of our key integration features is the seamless implementation of a single wallet system, enhancing user convenience by providing a unified and efficient transaction experience.

Operators partnering with us have the flexibility to opt for transfer wallet integration, a versatile option that streamlines transactions and contributes to a more fluid operational process. Understanding the diverse needs of our partners, Live22 slots provider go beyond standard integration by offering customized solutions under specific conditions. This ensures that the integration aligns precisely with the unique requirements of each operator.

In addition to customization, game provider Live22 provides reverse integration solutions, allowing operators to tailor the integration process to their specifications and operational preferences. Our commitment to adaptability and innovation ensures that our integration options not only meet industry standards but also provide the flexibility and versatility required for a dynamic and evolving online gaming landscape.

By offering a range of integration approaches and solutions, we empower operators to choose the method that best suits their business model and strategic goals, fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership.


Our technical services features provide you with the infrastructure and tools you need to build, deploy, and scale your games. From dedicated servers and load balancing to game analytics and security, we have everything you need.


Our after-sales features for game development help you keep your players engaged and coming back for more. From bug fixes and patches to content updates and new features, we provide the support you need to keep your game running smoothly and delivering a great player experience.

Why Live22 as Your iGaming Slot Games Supplier

Live22 reigns as the premier iGaming games provider in the iGaming industry, with a legacy of trust from global betting operators like Win88, mbi8, 22AUD, and TWC Bet. Our innovative technologies and comprehensive turnkey solutions help your online casino platform to deliver an exceptional gaming experience.

As the leading iGaming slots supplier, our comprehensive solutions enhance your iGaming platform, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your expanding player base. Our vast range of iGaming games caters to all preferences, supported by top-tier customer support services. The streamlined integration process is compatible across iOS and Android devices, and with any iGaming software provider, thereby cementing your platform’s standing in the bustling iGaming industry.