Unmatched iGaming Services: Live22 Acquires GLI-19 Certification

Unmatched iGaming Services: Live22 Acquires GLI-19 Certification

Live22 is pleased to announce that the company has obtained its Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) Certification. This accomplishment highlights Live22’s dedication to providing unmatched iGaming experiences that are based on security, transparency, and fairness to its iGaming operators, clients, and agents.

Fulfilling Clients Expectations

The GLI-19 Certification is widely accepted as the gold standard for excellence in iGaming. With this certification, Live22 can affirm that it has thoroughly tested and satisfied all regulatory requirements for its Random Number Generator (RNG) technology. The RNG ensures that each outcome in Live22’s games is genuinely randomized, ensuring that each player has an equitable gaming experience.

Getting the GLI-19 Certification increases the faith that players and partners of Live22 have in the platform. It provides assurance that the gaming services offered by Live22 are trustworthy, objective, and compliant with the highest industry standards. This accreditation reaffirms Live22’s dedication to honesty and openness, promoting enduring partnerships and client loyalty.

Advantages for iGaming Partners

With the GLI-19 Certification in hand, Live22’s partners may use it to their advantage to draw in more players and grow their online casino businesses. When selecting an iGaming platform, gamers consider several factors, and our certification offers an assurance of fair play. Partners may confidently promote Live22’s games as dependable, secure, and trustworthy thanks to the certification, which will eventually increase player engagement and retention.

Gazing Forward

Live22 is ready to embark on an exciting journey of fruitful collaborations after achieving the GLI-19 Certification. To satisfy the changing demands of both partners and players, Live22 is still committed to pushing the envelope of gaming excellence, making investments in state-of-the-art technology, and growing its game titles.

Securing the GLI-19 Certification will help Live22 maintain its leadership position in the iGaming sector and pave the way for even bigger successes. As Live22 continues to innovate, the future holds even more exciting prospects for the platform and its partners.


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