Bloodmoon Amazonia: Live22’s Most Anticipated Slot Game Release

Bloodmoon Amazonia: Live22’s Most Anticipated Slot Game Release

Bloodmoon Amazonia by Live22 is the most thrilling slot game release for November and has the gaming community in a frenzy! Building on the success of its earlier slot games, Bloodmoon Amazonia introduces several new features, bigger maximum wins, and an engaging storyline.

Released on 22nd November 2023, Bloodmoon Amazonia is already generating a lot of excitement amongst players as they journey through the magical realm of warriors. The slot game has a magical allure where players can unearth legendary warriors’ symbols and hidden treasures.

Gameplay of Bloodmoon Amazonia Slots by Live22

As players spin the reels, they are immersed in detailed graphics and engaging gameplay. The low symbol runes can evolve into powerful “high value” warriors, despite their initial appearance. Watch as the game magically transforms and aligns to form winning combinations that have the potential to bring about unfathomable fortune.

Bloodmoon Amazonia achieves the ideal balance between frequent wins and thrilling bonus features due to its medium volatility level. The 5×3 reel grid’s 25 pay lines ensure that a player’s every spin has the possibility of a payoff. The slot also offers up to 20 free games, heightening the excitement of every player’s gaming session.

Generating Interest is Only Half the Battle

Getting players interested in a new game is only half the battle; the other half is making sure it gets played a lot. “With so many slot games available online and new ones being released every month, Live22 plans to expand its player base into other countries,” says the Head of Live22’s Business Development.

Multiple language support has been thoughtfully included in Bloodmoon Amazonia, making it available to gamers from a variety of backgrounds. “Whether you speak English, Chinese, Thai, or any of the other supported languages, you can fully immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Bloodmoon Amazonia,” he explains.

Live22 encourages players to test the demo play so that they can completely experience the beauty of this slot game for themselves. Spend a moment becoming acquainted with the game’s features, mechanics, and environment. It’s the ideal chance to try out the adventure that’s in store for you.


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