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Redesigned PVP Bonus Battle & Exciting Slots Coming Next Month

Redesigned PVP Bonus Battle & Exciting Slots Coming Next Month

April 26, 2024

Fantastic news for everyone! The PVP Bonus Battle feature on Live22 has undergone numerous improvements and new slot additions are added to enhance the overall gaming experience for players worldwide.

In today’s article, Live22 will go over the most recent updates, including a newly revamped user interface (UI), cross-game and cross-currency between the three currently available slots, and the addition of a new slot that will launch next month.

User Interface – Fresh New Look

With its updated user interface, Live22’s PVP Bonus Battle feature promises to provide players with a smooth navigation experience. The redesigned UI attempts to give players an immersive gameplay experience with improved visual components and seamless transitions. Additionally, the Live22 graphic designer team redesigned a new icon for PVP Bonus Battle to suit the company’s corporate color, theme, and branding.

“At Live22, we’re committed to continuously improving the gaming experiences of our players. The minor changes we made to our PVP Bonus Battle logo show how dedicated we are to ensuring that every part of our slots is optimized to give players the greatest exposure to build our company branding,” says a Live22 spokesperson.

Cross-Game & Cross-Currency Features

Another big update for Live22’s PVP Bonus Battle feature is the cross-game and cross-currency function, now open to the three most popular slots – Crypto CoinsApes Squad, and the recently launched God’s Gambit: Hades.

“By enabling global players to match their slots against one another from other slots, this ground-breaking feature ups the ante on the PVP experience. Players can also take part in exciting battles with other players who use different currencies,” he adds.

God’s Gambit: Zeus – Launching Next Month

Live22 will release a new slot titled God’s Gambit: Zeus in May. To build more excitement and boost player engagement, Live22 decided to add cross-game and cross-currency functionality into the slot when launching the game.

“Upgraded PVP Bonus Battle and new slot release is just the beginning for Live22 to expand more possibilities. As we develop and lead the industry, giving our players unmatched gaming experiences, they can anticipate even more exciting releases and enhancements in the future.”

More information about God’s Gambit: Zeus will be revealed soon on our website. Don’t forget to follow us on social media.