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Descend into the Darkness with Live22’s New Slot Game – God’s Gambit: Hades

Descend into the Darkness with Live22’s New Slot Game – God’s Gambit: Hades

March 27, 2024

Live22 releases God’s Gambit: Hades for players who prefer darker themed slots. Get psyched for this God of the Underworld-inspired game! As the reels spin and the mysterious realm of Hades unfolds before the player’s eyes, they’ll be drawn into a Greek tale of intrigue and suspense gameplay.

Slot Game with Hades Storyline

Combining ancient Greek religion and mythology, Live22 invites players to explore the reel full of grim-looking creatures – such as Beelzebub, Cerberus, undead skeletal horse, and demon – each representing high-payout and low-payout symbols.

With its interactive slot features and immersive storyline, Live22 vows to let players enjoy God’s Gambit: Hades with up to 20 free games while spinning the slot. Players must endure “Collector of Souls” that transforms into an expanding wild multiplier, consuming souls and growing in power under the watchful eye of Hades.

Cascading Slot Game with Fair RTP

“God’s Gambit: Hades is a 6×4 cascading reel slot that transports players to the terrifying underworld. From the background that resembles the entrance to ‘Hell’, every detail has been carefully crafted by our expert game developers,” explains a Live22 representative.

God’s Gambit: Hades also retains the safe gambling feature in which players can customize their betting options to fit their gameplay preferences and budget. The RTP (Return-to-Player) percentages for the game vary between Normal and Free Mode.

“Live22 will support players’ safe gambling habits while providing a fair RTP mechanism. God’s Gambit: Hades RTP percentages are set at 97%, 95%, and 93% for its Base Game.” he adds.

Demo Version Now Available

God’s Gambit: Hades marks a significant leap for Live22 in terms of offering players a distinctive theme slot with intricate storylines. Join Live22 on an exciting journey into the dark underworld with God’s Gambit: Hades Demo to experience the thrill.