1. Customer Eligibility:

1.1. Customers must be private individuals of at least 21 years or of the legal gambling age in their jurisdiction.

1.2. To use Live22’s gaming services, customers must deposit funds into the designated account.

1.3. Live22 offers games of chance, including Casino, Live Casino, Jackpot Games, and others available on the platform.

2. Liability:

2.1. Live22 is not liable for downtime, server disruptions, or technical issues.

2.2. Live22 is not liable for damages or losses related to the Website or its content.

2.3. Void gaming events may occur if fraudulent behavior is detected.

2.4. Prohibited actions include gaming manipulation, external assistance programs, software use, and fraudulent conduct.

2.5. Funds obtained through cheating or breaches of rules are not entitled.

3. Responsible Gaming:

3.1. Live22 promotes responsible gaming for entertainment.

3.2. Participation is at the customer’s risk, without any expressed or implied warranty.

3.3. Live22 adheres to laws and prohibits gambling if forbidden in the customer’s country.

3.4. Customers may self-exclude or seek support if struggling with gambling.

3.5. Live22 reserves the right to request additional documents and close accounts if necessary.

4. General Terms

4.1. Gaming Rules and Breach:
4.1.1. Customers must adhere to the gaming rules applicable to all provided games and the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.

4.1.2. Breach of gaming rules or this Agreement results in void gaming events, and the Customer forfeits entitlement to winnings.

4.1.3. The Operator may declare games void due to customer breaches at any time during the customer relationship.

4.2. System Bugs and Errors:
4.2.1. Customers must immediately log out if they discover system bugs or errors.

4.2.2. Exploiting bugs or errors is strictly prohibited, and customers must promptly report any identified issues to the Operator.

4.2.3. Failure to report bugs, forbidden behaviour, or errors may result in voiding gaming events.

4.3. Void Gaming Events:
4.3.1. The Operator may declare gaming events void if offered, requested, or accepted due to errors.

4.3.2. Voiding may occur if customers or third parties aim to evade the Agreement or influence outcomes through criminal activities.

4.3.3. Disqualification from events where customers may influence results leads to void gaming events.

4.4. Personal Responsibility:
4.4.1. All actions related to the Member Account must be personally performed by the customer.

4.4.2. Payments to the account should solely benefit the customer, and third-party access is prohibited.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1. Trademarks and Logos:
5.1.1. The Operator’s trade name, logos, trademarks, product names, and service names are the exclusive property of the Operator.

5.1.2. Unauthorised use of these intellectual properties is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from the Operator.

5.1.3. Customer use of the gaming service does not grant any licence or right to use these intellectual properties without proper authorization.

6. Amendments to Term and Conditions

6.1. Changes to Terms and Conditions:
6.1.1. The Operator reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

6.1.2. While efforts will be made to notify customers of changes via email or on the Website, it remains the customer’s responsibility to regularly check for amendments.

7. Breach of Agreement

7.1. Consequences of Breach:
7.1.1. Breaching any Terms and Conditions may result in actions by the Operator.

7.1.2. The Operator reserves the right to not open, suspend, or close Operator Accounts for breaches.

7.1.3. Operators may be withheld to cover damages in case of breaches.

8. Resolving Complaints

8.1. Customer Support:
8.1.1. For any service-related complaints, customers can contact Live22 Customer Support through Live Chat or email.

8.1.2. The Customer Support team will promptly assist in addressing and resolving complaints.

By continuing to use our gaming services, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the aforementioned Terms and Conditions. Any modifications or updates made by the Operator will be binding, and it is your responsibility to stay informed. We appreciate your commitment to a fair and enjoyable gaming experience with Live22.